Where to get HRT When You Don’t Have Access

Getting hormones or HRT is not difficult usually. If your a cis person it may be easier to get access and be treated. However transgendered people are usually unable to gain access as easily or sometimes deal with gate keepers. That is not okay!! So we have found ways for DIY HRT trans people can quickly have access to hormones. MTF/AMAB transgender people can finally have the ability to get on estrogen and unlock who you are for the outside world to see! You can generally get estrogen patches, estrogen pills, estrogel, testosterone blockers like spironolactone, bicalutmide. FTM/AFAB transgender individuals can access the gender affirming hormones they need as well. These places you can order hormones to transition can take time to arrive because they generally are shipped from other countries. Another important thing to keep in mind, you should know your local and countries laws. It is up to you to make sure you won’t have any legal issues should customs confiscate it. Usually in most places there is no issues, however it is something you should know the risks/legal side of before placing an online hormone order with these companies.

Please NOTE, we do not sell any hormones on this website specifically, we only direct you to the websites that do.

Best Places on the Web for OTC Prescription Hormones

InHousePharmacyShips from Vanuatu
EUAibolit. Ships from EU
UnitedPharmacies-USHK to US
OtokonokoPharmaShips from Brazil
Shape ShifterShips from Turkey
DragonOrdnanceShips from Turkey
GoodStuffStoreShips from Thailand

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