Getting Hormone Tested for Transgender Women

Getting Hormone Tested for Transgender Women

So as you might have already known or are just learning, hormone testing is extreamly important and valuable to you with your transition. Women have specific hormone ranges that are considered female ranges. While females do need testosterone, it is needed in smaller amounts. While you may be as discusted by the idea as testesterone as I am (trans women) don’t freak out if you have some testosterone in your sysytem it is okay, even after the first month or two of transitioning.

Testesterone blockers like Spirolactone or Bicalutamide will usually is built up enough in your system after about 2 months you should be within female ranges (but never 0 T). If you are not seeing results, a simple adjustement to your testeosterone blocker is all that is needed usually. Retest your testosterone and estrogen after a month and revaluate your sitation with your Dr or yourself if you DIY HRT. Please also note, some trans people have issues aborbing estrogen via patches or creams. Therefore, some trans women have to use injections or pills to achieve a good estrogen level for proper transformations to manifest.

At Home Hormone Testing for Transgender Women

At home hormone testing for transgender women and anyone in general is the future imo. It saves time, sometimes money, anxiety, and the potential to be misgendered when starting your MTF transition. At home hormone test are less invasive too! If you are a bitch like me and are deathly afraid of needles. fear not you have options!

At home hormone testing has come a long way. Now you have choice of testing most of your hormines like estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, etc. While it may not cover all things needed like CBC and other blood tests, it can get you in the right direction and require less blood draws at a lab. They are fairly cheap compared to going straight into a lab and being tested. I went once with a Dr lab order for simple hormone testing. They told me over $1800. I don’t have insurance so that was a no go from this hoe. So I decided to do it myself and order a hormone test kit online. I did countless hours of research to find a company that does blood spot testing at home. Appearntly blood spot testing is more acurate for people who are on HRT. Perfect! I paid under $300 for a kit that tested a lot of different hormones. The main ones I was watching at the time was Estrogen.

After recieving the hormone test kit in the mail after about a week, I opened it up and found a lance. The hormone blood spot test kit does require a needle, but nothing like a typical blood draw. While still scared, with the help of my wife, I lanced my finger and simply dropped my blood on a few round circles of paper they want it on. Afterwards I send it out. That easy, and hormone test results came back after about a week. The results were exactly what I was looking for, female ranges!!!

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